Coccydynia caused by childbirth

Childbirth is one of the main causes of coccyx (tailbone) pain - see the personal experiences below. As the baby is being born, it may force the coccyx back, damaging the joint. Doctors often tell mothers that their tail bone has been 'fractured' or 'broken', but this is misleading - it is not bone that has broken. The coccyx is normally made up of two or three small solid bones, with rudimentary joints (bits of gristle) in between them, and in between the coccyx and the sacrum. The pressure of the baby passing through the birth canal can break open one of these joints. Afterwards the joint may heal, or it may remain loose, causing pain when it is moved by sitting or getting up from sitting.

Sometimes the mother has a coccyx that is already sharply pointing forwards, maybe caused by an earlier injury. This makes it more likely that giving birth will be painful, and that it will re-injure the coccyx. In very rare cases the pressure from the baby can make the coccyx break through into the rectum - see Hemorrhagic rectal ulcer caused by a deformity of the coccyx complicated by normal delivery. One woman wrote to me that her forward pointing taibone had caused her agony during childbirth, and had actually marked her baby.

Giving birth can, in some cases, also cause other trauma, which may result in fecal incontinence. There is discussion of how this can be treated on a National Institutes of Health website. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can follow a birth. For more details on this, see The Birth Trauma Association, UK.

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Updated 2005-01-30

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