Damaged coccyx with cyst

Betty, UK - peterbettyargent@yahoo.co.uk

Posted 2017-08-06

My coccyx pain started sometime between 2008 and 2010, I damaged it just by leaning forward in the passenger seat of my husbands car, getting something out of the glove compartment. Yes, it was that simple.

The appointments went back and forth between my GP and Frenchay Hospital Bristol, where I was seen by Mr Harding, he suggested an injection and manipulation under general anaesthetic, this eased it for a couple of months, but came back, again I was referred Mr Harding who decided to give it another go, this time I had no relief at all.

Eventually I was passed on to the Pain Clinic, where had had numerous injections, no end of drugs, with no relief whatsoever, I was told it was due to scar tissue, the next step was going to be physiotherapy. I was not happy, as this had been going on since 2010, it is now 2016, I requested an MRI which I had not had since the beginning, this was done in October at Weston General. I was told to contact my GP in a couple of weeks, when I telephoned them for the results I was told it was 'satisfactory'.

No way was it 'satisfactory', so I made an appointment with my GP and said through tears of frustration that I wanted a second opinion and that I was going to see a Mr Hardy at The Spire Hospital Bristol privately (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, Avon). My GP wrote a letter, introducing me to Mr Hardy, with a gist of my symptoms, this is where my life changed for the better, Mr Hardy asked many questions, one of which was, had I been given an internal, no never was my answer. He then proceeded to do just that, which hurt beyond words, he said he felt sure there was something there causing the pain, he organized an MRI, when I said I had had one in Weston, he told me they had not taken it of my coccyx area only my spine!!!!!

The MRI I had two days after seeing him, confirmed his suspicions, not only was there still part of the damaged coccyx but that a cyst had attached itself to the bone, which was causing the pain.

I had everything properly removed 23rd December 2016, so far, though at the moment I am not allowed to sit, it is a vast improvement. I am looking forward to being able to sit through a film, musical, plane flights to visit my son in LA without having to get up every half an hour to relieve the pain.

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