Driving is a problem

Steve Butler - Stephen.Butler@WorleyParsons.com

Posted 2009-04-26

Last June we had a holiday in Spain involving lots of sitting around on quite hard sun loungers. Towards the end of the holiday I started getting a dull ache in my coccyx area. This pain carried on for some considerable time, but did not get any worse. I had the usual uninformed thought that it could be cancer which made me ignore it all the more (yes, very silly!).

About two months ago it started getting steadily worse, culminating in me actually going to the Doctor. He very quickly made a diagnosis of coccydynia, and prescribed Dicloflex tablets (50 mg x 3 times per day). The pain is at it's worse after a long period of sitting, and trying to get up, but the tablets do seem to 'do the trick'.

I have cut the dosage down to one per day, which I take at about 9.00 a.m. As the tablet has a slow dissolving coating to allow it to pass through the stomach. This seems to work as I do not suffer too much now, and evenings have not been such an issue.

About four years ago I had a fairly heavy fall walking along a beach. It had flat rocky sections protruding through the sand. I slipped on one, and landed straight down, on what I now know as my coccyx. It was extremely painful at the time, really jolted me. I also had a headache for two days. This is the only fall that I could relate to the condition but it was some time ago!

Someone at work suggested sitting in a position leaning slightly forward, which does seem to help. I'm not sure how to apply this to the twice daily drive for work?


Steve Butler.

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