Not sure what to do

Pual -

Posted 2009-02-01

To anyone that can help.

My partner Patricia (French) and I visited the large top Bordeaux hospital this week to be told by the specialist that he is to retire next year, only performs 1 operation (coccyx removal) per year and cannot give a guarantee that it will be a success.

The story so far.......

Not knowing her at the time of the accident I understand that she fell and fractured the coccyx. She has received massage, bad advice and continues to be unable to sit for very long, travel in a car is the same problem. she has to hold the top of her trousers to lift her bottom off a chair.

Consultation by the French system sees an operation to be the only resolution, but reading, she sees this could be a waste of time.

Your thoughts and advice would be very very helpful..

Thanking you in advance


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