Pain in right of tailbone

John -

Posted 2009-09-20

I have not for the life of me seen my symptoms described completely, so I hope someone can enlighten me. I have pain that is in the area to the right of my tailbone. I can touch my tailbone and it doesn't hurt, but when I ride in my car for an hour and stand up I can feel an ache there, and when I relax or push the muscle that control bowel movements it hurts.

On the weekends I can hardly feel it at all, but after a long ride in a car it comes back and sometimes makes my right but cheek ache. Sometimes I can move my right hip in to simulate the pain and occasionally get a almost pop out of my tailbone. I have taken Prescription anti-inflammatory drugs, and a steroid one as well. Nothing has worked.

I went to get an MRI yesterday, because my sister is dying from a tumor that started in the same area. Her Tumor is consider rare, but I don't want to take the chance. So someone please tell me that this could be a strain of some sort. During the MRI the Tech came back in and said they wanted the DYE because they had something they needed a better look at. That scares me! Any info helps...


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