Any help would be appreciated!!!! :)

Scoutmann -

Posted 2008-10-26

Hi, I am a thirteen year old male in California. I have had the pain for over two weeks, maybe three, but I don't know what happened. I think the cause was when I was acting like I was drunk to get a laugh, I slipped, and I think that caused it. But the thing is it didn't start hurting for a couple days later.

It hurts me to sit in some chairs, but when I go to school the chairs don't hurt. The hardest part is riding in the cars, but I found that leaning forward every 5-10-15-20 minutes, the pain doesn't hurt.

Also every now and then sitting on my office chair hurts, but stretching makes it hurt less. I can run jump fall, climb, swim, as long as I haven't been sitting. The worst part is getting out of the truck, it seems to lock up, and feels like it needs some WD-40.

Any help would be appreciated!!!! :)



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