Coccyx pain - and desperate for help

Jeannie -

Posted 2008-06-22

I have suffered from coccyx pain for several years, cannot recall having fallen or any damage. 12 months ago I attended physio sessions recommend by my GP, physiotherapist was really surprised that I had a referral as she did not think physio would help. I have now after 12 months of harassing my GP been referred to a musculoskeletal assessment clinic. I cannot sit at the moment, and getting from sitting to standing is agonising, painkillers seems to forget where to go when I take then as they have no effect at all.

I would like to know has anyone suffered pain in their hip joints when lying down, I have a really horrible burring sensation in my hips joints after about an hour of lying down, the only way to relieve this is to walk around for a while. What are the best pain killers to take.

Also some advice on getting the message across when I attend this clinic.

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