Jayme -

Posted 2008-07-02

I am in such terrible pain. It started about 7 months ago. I don't remember hurting my tailbone but it started to hurt when I sat down. I had to serve on jury duty in Jan 08 and it was terrible pain to sit and stand all day. Now it's July and I'm at my breaking point. My symptoms are extreme pain in my tailbone and right under the bum. I cant sit well, I cant get in an out of my chair, my truck, and it hurts to even go out to dinner. Now I feel pain in my legs. I feel pressure as I make a bowel movement or to even cough.

I went and saw my doctor, she referred me to a chiropractor. I called her and asked for an x-ray and she said no go to the chiropractor. Finally my ob-gyn sent me for one and I'm awaiting the results. I had a mucus/blood in my stool for a little bit. I'm nervous...can anyone shed light on this?

Thank you!


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