Pain started a year after hemorrhoidectomy

Anonymous -

Posted 2008-04-06

I have been in pain for 22 years. I haven't been to no doctors or searched out my problem but I can't sit in any comfort at all. In 1986, I had a hemorrhoidectomy and about a year later I developed this pain in my coccyx. I haven't been able to sit in any comfort since. I wonder if in the surgery the doctor may have done something.

I don't think there is a coccyx bone broken as I don't have the pain there, it is in the nerves near the coccyx area. The MD check it out and he give me a rectal exam and he went back near the tail bone and I could feel the pain from inside the rectum near the coccyx. I do a lot of sitting now that I'm retired and the pain still exists like it has for the past 22 years.

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