Severe pain in tailbone after injury at work

Rhonda -

Posted 2007-02-11

On January 27 2007, I had an injury at work. I have been having severe pain in my tailbone, and back ever since. My back pain does not even begin to compare to the pain in my tailbone. I have seen a doctor twice, and today I went to a physical therapist. At first she seemed somewhat concerned about my coccyx pain stating, that I should have X-Rays before proceeding with PT. Then she decided she would go ahead and schedule me for 2 sessions a week. I have to be compliant with treatment as I am Workers Comp.

When she asked me to describe the pain I told her I felt like all of my weight while sitting was on my tailbone. I can't stand to travel in a vehicle for more than 15 - 20 minutes. I also have pain in my left leg. I can't live with this for 10+ years like some of the people on this forum. I have printed out some info and plan to go to PT armed (with info only :) next week.

Anyone with advice please email me. (Put coccyx in the subject)

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