How bad is it?

Deb -

Posted 2007-01-28

Two days ago I fell from about 3-4 feet up a ladder onto the cement floor. I didn't land in a sitting position, but just above my butt onto my back in a solid thud. Didn't hit my head. The entire contact was my lower back/butt. For a minute I wasn't sure if I could move. I did get up because I was home alone.

That evening and part of the next day I had trouble starting to pee. That seems to be ok now, but the pain is horrible when I sit or even put any pressure on my hips. If I do sit, when I get up and things move it hurts terribly again. It seems to be hurting more to one side and the tailbone area. I kind of don't feel good today. Maybe just from so much pain.

Thing is, I can't decide if I need to call the dr. or if it's just bruised and I need to wait it out. I'm ok standing and walking so I don't think it's my hip bone. Any similar injuries? What should I do?

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