Chiropractor or doctor in the Middle Tennessee area?

Anonymous -

Posted 2007-11-11

I am sixty-two years old and woke up about a month ago with numbness in my lower back. After a few days, my tail bone became sore and sitting was uncomfortable to downright painful. An MRI showed a bulging disc in my lower back but no problems with my tail bone. I've had one cortisone injection that didn't help. I'm also going to a chiropractor three days a week for adjustments. I seem to be a little better, but I cannot sit without my donut pillow. I'm thinking of trying a chiropractor who does coccyx manipulations. My internist says his next course of action will be a nerve transmission study.

Any thoughts on this will be greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone knows of a chiropractor or doctor in the Middle Tennessee area who might be able to help, I'd like to have his/her name.

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