Sore and enlarged tailbone

Sherry Simpson -

Posted 2006-10-08

Hello, my name is Sherry and my back went out in 2004 after cleaning a bathtub. I could not stand straight up for about 7 days and had a lot of pain. I went to see a Chiropractor and he had some bad news for me. He informed that I have Scoliosis and I only have four lumbar bones instead of five.

My back did not go out again until recently, when I bent slightly down to dust a table and could not stand back up. That lasted for 9 days with a lot of pain and even now I still have lower back pain to where I cannot do my cleaning jobs. Also, a few months ago I noticed my tail bone was very sore and enlarged.

Can you give me any information on what I need to do? This has really disrupted my life and my job and also has depressed me. I don't have any health insurance and really need to be seen by a doctor, can you recommend any here in Lexington Ky. that may have a payment plan?

Thank You Very Much,

Sherry Simpson

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