I slipped and fell down my stairs

Nicole - nycki217@hotmail.com

Posted 2006-05-21

I can relate to the stories described very well. I slipped and fell down my stairs in October 2005 and fell directly on my coccyx. To this day (May 2006) I am in just as much pain when I sit as I was that very day.

My parents are in the medical field and of course know "everything." They just keep asking me "What are they going to do for you" when I mention getting it checked out. I'm going to spend money seeing a doctor and he's going to give me a pillow to sit on. I don't know what to do because it really limits my traveling abilities, I'm a vet med student and have to sit in class >8 hours a day then come home, sit in a chair and study. I just thought I would share.


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