Fell down the stairs twice

Michelle - mjplumtree11@tiscali.co.uk

Posted 2006-08-27

I fell down the stairs over a year ago and had a hell of a bruise on my [bum]. I didn't go to the doctor's, just took pain killers for pain relief. If I sat too long or stood for too long and getting out of bed in the morning is terrible.

The pain seemed to get easier till 5 weeks ago when I did the same stupid thing again - I slipped and went 5 steps down, and straight back down on my [bum]. This time the pain is a lot more intense and very sensitive. I spend most of the time laid down or sitting towards my left side. This time I did visit a doctor and advised to go for an x-ray, but to be told its not protocol to x-ray the coccyx now as there is nothing can be done and its self-healing and just take lots of painkillers to help control the pain.....[great].

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