No more pain in the bum!

Liz -

Anyone who is a cyclist (pro or amateur) and suffering from a pain in the bum needs one of these amazing saddles NOW!

I was going to wait until the 30 day money back guarantee thing was about to run out to (I thought) have to send it back!

But oh no! After the first bloody day my bum was smiling from cheek to cheek!

Being a stubborn Capricorn I just thought it might be a fluke or a combination of the Physio treatment I had a few days before. But I swear it's a miracle - my bum officially loves the Comfort saddle. I was convinced nothing would sort out my coccyx's problem (a reoccurring year old injury) and I would have to give up cycling or continue to suffer in silence.

All sufferers must check out their website : Comfort Saddle

It even looks really funky on my Marin mountain bike and the movement it makes although freaked my sitting bones out first of all - they're now beaming too.

happy cycling!

kind regards


comfort saddle

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Updated 2005-09-04

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