Coccyodynia. Errors in diagnosis and treatment.

The Journal of the Michigan State Medical Society

Volume 9, number 12: 632-636, 1910.

Youngs, AS.


Coccyodynia is frequently misdiagnosed and the patient is treated instead for diseases of the uterus, rectal diseases, cystic diseases, neuralgia and rheumatism. We should make it a routine practice in the examination of every pelvis to carry the examining finger or fingers posteriorly, and palpate the coccygeal region by the vaginal or rectal route.

Treatment should be by the injection of alcohol or by surgery. Removal of the whole of the coccyx seems to me preferable to subcutaneous division of the attachments, because the former removes all possible chance of return of the disease, and but slightly increases the gravity of the operation.

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