Extirpation of the coccyx

The Lancet

Nov 12, 1870, Vol. 96 No. 2463 p 690

Lawson Tait

Waterloo-street, Birmingham,

Sir,- My apology for disputing Dr. Nott's claim to priority in the performance of this operation must be that the New Orleans Medical Journal is not easy of access, and that until to-day I was not aware of its existence. Under the circumstances narrated in his letter I am quite prepared to admit Dr. Nott's claim.

Coccydynia, like all other neuralgic affections, is not always cured by operation, as I have elsewhere shown; and I can quite understand that in the hands of Sir James Simpson, as in the experience of others, both the subcutaneous operation and that of excision may have proved of only temporary benefit.

I am, Sir, your obedient servant,

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