Fracture of coccyx and passage of the segment per anum

Medical Record

1887 p. 762 (Dec. 17)

Jolly, WJ.

Waldo, Fla

I was called to see Mrs. M-, November 1, 1887, primiparae, aged twenty-one, who was in labor. Nothing unusual occurred until the head pressed against the coccyx, which did not yield. I applied the forceps, and delivered the woman without any trouble or laceration of perineum. Immediately after delivery she suffered intense pain in the region of the coccyx, for which I gave an opiate.

On examination I found some displacement of the coccyx, which I corrected, supposing the bone to be fractured. The opiate soon relieved the pain, and the patient did not suffer any more until the ninth day, except that there was some tenderness in this region. She had some slight pain on that day; on the tenth she passed a bone per anum and sent it to me, stating that she thought she had passed a joint of her backbone. Upon examination I found it to be the lower segment of the coccyx. The woman has had no trouble since.

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