American Journal of the Medical Sciences

January 1862 - Volume 43 - Issue 85 - ppg 276

Gosselin, LA.

Hospital Beaujon

(Summary translation of: Gosselin, LA. Coccyodynie. Gazette des H˘pitaux de Paris, xxxiv, 489, 1861.)

M. Gosselin has recently had under his care, at the Hospital Beaujon, a case of coccyodynia, the disease made celebrated by the recent admirable researches of Dr. Simpson, of Edinburgh. The patient was a young woman, who, shortly after her first confinement, began to experience severe pains on going to stool, and soon even sitting, unless she adopted a sideway position. Pressure over the coccygeal region much aggravated these pains.

M. Gosselin considered that the seat of the pain was in the sacrococcygeal joint, and that the original cause of it was the strain to which that articulation had been subjected during labour. A number of topical sedative applications were tried, including the use of a subcutaneous injection of sulphate of atropia, without the slightest relief. Subcutaneous section of the muscles attached to the coccyx, after the plan of Simpson, was then tried, but with equally futile results.

Hesitating to adopt the extreme measure of removal of the coccyx, M. Gosselin again had recourse to palliative measures, and now suggested the simple use of an India-rubber air cushion; and after the patient had steadily continued this plan for twelve days, she had so far lost her pains as to be discharged from the hospital in a fair way of convalescence, since nature herself, the stress on the parts being taken off. would, doubtless, complete the cure, under the favouring auspices of rest. It may be mentioned that it was found necessary to regulate the bowels by a rhubarb aperient, so as to prevent hard motion from passing over the tender part. The editor of the Gazette des Hopitaux quotes a similar case, cured in a similar way, which fell under his own notice some years ago. - London Medical Review. November, 1861.

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