Osteomyelitis of the Coccyx

Journal of the American Medical Association

1928 91 (10): 727

W. P. Blount

141 East Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee


In long standing cases of pain in the region of the coccyx, osteomyelitis must be considered. Roentgenograms should always be taken. Surgical treatment may result in a complete recovery.


Osteomyelitis is of sufficiently infrequent of the rence to warrant the report coccyx of a case in complete record is obtainable. The literature is summaries. Boland* cites one which a If the simply surprisingly barren of similar case which was stricture of the rectum. Tuberculosis of the occur¬ complicated by coccyx included in discussions of Pott's disease and has been well discussed of the accuracy, by coccyx but David! as and among a is often specific entity. Pyogenic infections sacrum have been written the reports by Mounier,3 Gaudier" and Grisel5 none in which the diagnosis was of up thirty-one cases prior to with varying published 1912, there were definitely established. Disease of the sacro-iliac joint was not excluded in most of these. X-ray evidence was often limited to incision and The case lacking, and drainage. reported here illustrates the by physical and firmed x-ray examination. The postoperatively by the logie observations. After tissues, the R. H. patient went on to S., a white 1927, complained of surgical measures were possibility of recognition diagnosis was con¬ gross, microscopic and bactério¬ complete removal of the diseased recovery.

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