List of doctors and specialists in Canada

Doctors and specialists are listed here for one of three reasons: they were recommended by a coccyx pain patient; they are the authors of a relevant medical paper; or because they have informed that they have success in treating coccyx pain. The reason for listing each one is given. If you would like to recommend a doctor or specialist, please let me know.

If there is no suitable specialist listed who is near to you, you could try to find one by writing to specialists near you.

Province Treatment Name and contact details
Alberta coccygectomy Dr Salo, Orthopedic Surgeon, Hospital: Foothills Medical Center, Foothills Hospital, 1403 29 Street Nw, Calgary, AB T2N 2T9. See Heather's story.
Alberta manual treatments Jim Cretney, Bowen practitioner, Edmonton. Telephone 780 484 7924. See Anonymous's story.
Alberta manual treatments Dr. Dmitry Yuryevch Yunuchikov, Anaesthesiologist with Special Interest in Pain, HealthPointe Medical Centre, Suite 710, Hys Centre, 11010 - 101 Street, Edmonton, AB, T5H 4B9. Telephone:(780) 453-5255. See Email: Note:A referral is required to attend Healthpointe. This may be from a GP or another physician with a speciality (i.e. a neurologist, rheumatologist, etc.). See Anonymous's story.
British Columbia manual treatments Dr. Marie-Claude Bozek, chiropractor. Simple Vitality, 208-1121 Fort St. (The Zen Building), Victoria BC V8V 3K9. Phone: 250-483-6018. See See Tammy's story.
British Columbia manual treatments Mr. Marc Jones BSc (Hon) Ost. DO (UK), Registered Osteopath. Website, email See Heather's story.
Manitoba coccygectomy Dr. Warren Froese, Pan Am Sports Medicine Centre, 75 Poseidon Bay, Winnipeg, R3M 3E4, Canada. Telephone: (204)925-1556 Fax: (204)452-5362. See Anonymous's personal experience.
Ontario manual treatments Dr. Sabine Anani at Orleans Integrative Medicine, 3095 St. Joseph Blvd Ottawa (Orleans) Ontario. phone 613.424.9077. Website: Recommended by a doctor who refers coccyx pain patients to Sabine Anani.
Ontario coccygectomy Dr. Garth Johnson, surgeon, The Ottawa Hospital Civic Campus. Dr Johnson has now (2014) retired. See Colleen's story.
Ontario manual treatments Dr. Puja Goyal, HBSc, DC. The Healthy Family Chiropractic & Wellness Centre. 850 Main Street E, Milton, Ontario. 905 864 1516. Listed here because they have informed that they have success in treating coccyx pain.
Ontario manual treatments Dr. Geoff Rawson and Dr. Lynne Rawson, Health From Within Family Chiropractic, 2012 Victoria Ave. Burlington, ON L7R 1R4. Phone: 905.333.3838 Fax: 905.333.3393. See Email: Listed here because they have informed that they have success in treating coccyx pain.
Ontario manual treatments Laura Disenhaus, PT, DO (MP), Licensed Physiotherapist, Osteopathic Manual Practitioner. Satori Urban Wellness, 33 Hazelton Avenue, Toronto, ON M5R 2E3, Ph 416-972-9355 or Liberty Clinic, 360 College St. Suite 301, Toronto, ON M5T 1S6. Ph 416-591-1123. See Email Suggested her own listing..
Ontario manual treatments Dr Eleanor White, Chiropractor, 3 Centre Street, Suite 202, Markham, Ontario Canada, L3P 3P9, 95 294 6810. Email: See Melissa's story.
Ontario manual treatments Dr. Bruce Fligg, D.C, MTS, Chiropractor, High Point Wellness Centre' Suite 102, 3461 Dixie Road (at Bloor), Mississauga, Ontario, L4Y 3X4. Tel: 905-624-0233, Fax: 905-624-0881, email, See Jane's story, Romaine's story, Amjad's story.
Ontario injections Dr. David Hoffman, surgeon, Department of Orthopaedics, The Port Arthur Clinic, 194 N. Court Street, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, P7A 4V7. Does diagnosis and cortisone injections, no longer does coccygectomies as there not many to do and he is nearing retirement. Recommended by a patient.
Ontario coccygectomy Dr. Norton H. Lithwick, Orthopedic Surgeon. Surgeon who has removed over 80 coccyxes, though unfortunately retired in 2007. See Lori's story, Sandra's story, Heather's story, Taunya's story, Marnie's story, Anonymous's story, Debbie Dennis's story and correspondence about coccydynia..
Ontario coccygectomy Dr. Bernard Woolford, surgeon, Scarborough Professional Centre, 1371 Neilson Road, Suite 315, Scarborough, Ontario. See Carolyn's story, Jo's story, Carol's story.
Québec manual treatments Claudia Brown, une physiothérapeute à la polyclinique de Santa-Cabrini à Montréal, spécialiste dans la région pelvienne. Tel.: 514-259-3791. Recommended by a patient.

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