List of doctors and specialists in Australia

Doctors and specialists are listed here for one of three reasons: they were recommended by a coccyx pain patient; they are the authors of a relevant medical paper; or they suggested their own listing. The reason for listing each one is given. If you would like to recommend a doctor or specialist, please let me know.

If there is no suitable specialist listed who is near to you, you could try to find one by writing to specialists near you.

State Treatment Name and contact details
New South Wales manual treatments Angela James, Physiotherapist. AJ Physio, 4/11 Hollywood Avenue, Bondi Junction, New South Wales. T 9369 4111. Website Email See Gill's story.
New South Wales coccygectomy Dr Richard Parkinson, neurosurgeon. St Vincents Private Hospital, 406 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Sydney, Australia. Telephone 02-8382 7111, Facsimile 02-8382 7234. See See Fiona's story, Gill's story.
New South Wales manual treatments, injections, coccygectomy Dr Guy Bashford, Dr Jerry Day and Beraldo Lilli, Illawarra Injury Solutions, Suite 5a Illawarra Medical Specialist, 341-249 Crown Street, Wollongong NSW 2500, Phone: 4225 1222. Website: Illawarra Injury Solutions. Email Beraldo Lilli is a physiotherapist with a special interest in coccyx pain. Dr Guy Bashford, specialist in pain management, performs coccyx injections under image intensifier. Dr Jerry Day, neurosurgeon, has performed a number of coccygectomies. Suggested their own listing.
New South Wales manual treatments Alan L Hakes, Chiropractor. 243 River St, Ballina NSW 2478, Australia. Phone number (02) 6686 3366. See Catherine's story..
New South Wales manual treatments Dr. Barbara Hungerford, Sydney Spine & Pelvis Physio Centre, 02 9719 9114. See Sydney Spine & Pelvis Physio Centre. See Michael's story.
New South Wales manual treatments John Moody, Physiotherapist - Glenmore Park Sydney NSW. See Belinda's story.
New South Wales manual treatments Peter Ray, Osteopath - Regentville Sydney NSW (near Penrith). See Belinda's story.
New South Wales coccygectomy Dr. Matthew Giblin, Orthopaedic surgeon, Suite 12, 1st Floor, 41-46 Goulburn Street, Liverpool 2170, New South Wales, Australia. Phone: (02) 9602-9955. Fax: (02) 9821-4107. See Sydney Adventist Hospital. See Janet' story.
Queensland coccygectomy Dr Michael Bryant - Neurosurgeon & Spinal Surgeon. BrizBrain & Spine, Brisbane, Queensland. See See Allyson's story.
Queensland manual treatments Dr Roger Kingston, registered osteopath, Beachside Health Centre, 2 / 16 Walan Street, Mooloolaba, Queensland, 4557. Tel: 1300 739 345. See Email: Suggested his own listing.
Queensland manual treatments Dr Steven Griffith, 17 Silvyn St Clinic, REDCLIFFE QLD 4020. Office 07 3284 2065, Fax 07 3283 2899. See See Dr Griffith's story.
Queensland manual treatments Dr Russell Brady and Dr Bree Weber. Browns Plains Chiropractic Centre, Suite 3, 1-3 Central Court, Browns Plains 4118, Logan. Phone: 3800 6266 See Robyn's story..
Queensland coccygectomy Dr Gregory Day, Brisbane Suite 333, 33 North St, SPRING HILL, QLD, 4000. Recommended by a patient, but someone else wrote in with reservations about Dr Day's attitude to patients.
Queensland manual treatments Scott Hewett, a physiotherapist at Highgate Hill and at Sumner Park in Brisbane. Telephone (07) 3279 3871, Recommended by a doctor as someone who has helped many patients. See Su's story.
Queensland manual treatments Breck McKay, Victoria Point, Brisbane. His contact number is (07) 32077855. Recommended by another doctor. See Rod's story.
South Australia manual treatments Rodney Mason, chiropractor, 50 Wilson Tce, Glenelg East, South Australia, 5045, 08 8379 6193. Recommended by a patient.
Victoria coccygectomy Mr Peter Wilde, surgeon. Epworth HealthCare, 89 Bridge Road, Richmond VIC 3121. Phone: 03 9426 6666. Website: See Anonymous's story.
Victoria injections Dr Paul Blackman, Sport & Exercise Medicine Physician. Olympic Park Sports Medicine, Olympic Park Campus, Olympic Boulevard, AAMI Park, Melbourne, VIC 3004. Phone 1300 859 887. Website: See Anonymous's story.
Victoria manual treatments, coccygectomy David de la Harpe, Orthorpaedic surgeon and chiropractor, The Epworth Centre, Level 7, Suite 7.5, 32 Erin St, Richmond 3121. T: 03 9426 4333. See See Anonymous's story..
Victoria manual treatments Dr Andrew McQueen, Melbourne Orthopaedic Group, 33, The Avenue, Windsor 3181 Victoria. 03 9529 4444. See See Natalie's story..
Victoria injections Dr David Vivian at Metro Spinal Clinic, Level 1, 544 Hawthorn Road, Caulfield South, Victoria 3162. Ph: +61 3 9595 6111. See See Natalie's story..
Victoria injections Dr. Bruce Mitchell at Metro Spinal Clinic, Level 1, 544 Hawthorn Road, Caulfield South, VICTORIA 3162. Ph: +61 3 9595 6111. See See Anonymous's story..
Victoria manual treatments Carissa Stewart. Body Align Myotherapy, Queens Parade, Clifton Hill, Victoria 3068. Phone 03 9489 7511. See See Natalie's story.
Victoria injections, coccygectomy Mr Lu Ton, Surgeon. Manningham Medical Centre, Level 6/200 High St, Lower Templestowe 3107, Victoria, Australia. T 9090 0880, F 9850 8601. See Anonymous's story, Gino's story.
Victoria coccygectomy Mr Michael A Johnson, orthopaedic surgeon, Melbourne Australia. Telephone 94284751. Recommended by a coccygectomy patient.
Victoria manual treatments, injections Dr Victor Wilk, muscloskeletal physician. 441 Bay St, Brighton, (Vic) 3186. Tel +61 3 9596 7211. Doctor who treats coccyx pain, often working with Adrian Good (see below), combining manual therapy, stretching exercises and injections. Email: See See Anonymous's story.
Victoria manual treatments Adrian Good, an osteopath and physiotherapist in Melbourne. Email: See Muscle spasm or tightness. See Anonymous's story.
Western Australia coccygectomy Dr Rod Thompson, orthopedic surgeon. Bunbury, West Australia. Website: Recommended by a patient.
Western Australia manual treatments Ms Kate Elphick, Beaumaris Physio Suite 4, Beaumaris S/C Constellat, Ocean Reef, WA 6027. Phone:(08) 9300 4844. See Michael's story.

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