Personal experiences of coccygectomy (removal of coccyx)

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Renee Oswald - My bowel had grown between the broken pieces of tailbone

Mary - Successful operation

Marnie - Update - Should I have surgery?

Trudy Brown - Coccyx pain - still recovering

John Lang - Update - Coccyx surgically removed - great success (so far!)

Taunya - Upcoming surgery, any advice? (now 7 weeks post-op)

Dan - Slow recovery from surgery, but now virtually pain-free

Annetta Lusk - Still in pain three years after surgery

John - My short story

Joyce - Coccyxgectomy for spicule/bone spur

Deb - Slow recovery after surgery

Lisa - Surgery and MRSA infection

Kathrine - Update - Reluctant about surgery

Anonymous - Update - Surgery on the 5th September

Caroline - Coccygectomy in France

Billie - Surgery follow up

DrGPetDoc - Had surgery July 12, 2005

John - The surgeon offered only one solution: coccyx removal

Veronica Miller - Fall caused extreme pain, but for the most part it doesn't bother me anymore

DS - Looking forward to recovering

Melissa - Update - Protruding coccyx bone

Candice - Pregnancy after coccygectomy

Marilyn - Operation in five weeks

Sandy - How long can I expect to be off work?

Anonymous - Having an operation in August - any advice?

Melissa - Highly recommend surgery - Iowa

BJ - Contracted osteomyelitis of the coccyx from multiple steroid injections

Kathi - Update - Doctors or surgeons in Washington State?

Amy - Had my coccyx removed, feeling great!

Astrid - Going to France to see Dr Maigne and Prof. Doursounian

Kirsten - Update - Surgery May 9!!!

V Taylor - Still in pain after a kick 20 years ago

Sharon - Should I have a second surgery?

Anonymous - 1 week after coccygectomy

Carol - Tail bone surgery

Kirsten - Surgery May 9!!!

Natalie - Post surgery - will the pain ever go?

Helen - Recent coccyx removal in the UK

Jennifer G - Advice before surgery?

Claudia - Surgery 20 years ago, now fallen on my bum

Anonymous - Coccyx pain + depression and surgery + a new lease of life

Marnie - Update - Should I have surgery?

Killian - Getting ready for surgery

Marie - Thanks for the site helped me

Donna - Operation turned chronic discomfort into pain - now had coccyx removed

Amy - Miserable one year after childbirth

Khrista - My surgery

Sonny - Operated on today

Susan - Part of sacral bone removed because it stuck out like a tail

Anonymous - 1 week post-surgery

Kelli - Had tailbone removed--having some trouble with incision

Daphnejane - Happy with the operation!

Paulina - My surgery experience...

Nancy - My recent surgery

Rhonda - Update - Coccyx pain after car accident

Kresimir - Tried everything before going to surgery

Amanda - Update - Endometriosis or scoliosis relationship to tailbone pain? - now had surgery

Sandra - Update - Surgery after nearly 10 years of pain

Angela Ives - Recovering from surgery in September

Paul Dean - Lived with discomfort for 30 years, now had surgery

Kay Bartz - Doctor removed my tailbone that was floating

Fiona Baker - It felt like there was a firework factory in my backside

Wendy - Recent coccygectomy

Syrena - Surgery this morning . . . cancelled

Fritz - Coccydynia due to osteoarthritis, resident of New York, USA

Sandra - Surgery after nearly 10 years of pain

Gemma King - Coccygectomy has it's risks but it is the best thing that has ever happened to me

Carmen - Tried everything else, now considering surgery

Polly - Coccyx removal and natural healing ... it can be done

Wendy - Pain in the . . .

Jacquie - Had surgery 21 years ago, have new pain

Paula - My concerns with surgery

Tania Hughes - Nursing and coccydynia

Maeve - Surgery headsup

Marcel - The pain in my ass

Lauren - Update - Surgery soon

Cris - Post-surgery PAIN

Susan - Coccygectomy incision

Krystal - Motel bath rail broke

Pixie - Surgery soon

Kirk - Coccyx removal surgery after recent lumbar spinal fusion

Missy - Update - Coccyx pain, laminectomy not the answer

Cara - Roller coaster broke my tailbone!!!

Priscilla - More pain after surgery

Lisa - Wheelchair-bound (separate issue) with coccyx at 90 degree angle caused by a fall

Michelle R. Bouchér - Update - Psoriasis and tailbone pain?

Ian - Second surgery update - still a PITA

Donna - Upcoming surgery

Kathy - Coccyx removed - Miami, Florida

Mary Kornegay - Healing question

Sally - Releasing caught nerve ends

Kelly - Surgery failed, rhizotomy a success

Helene - Deformed coccyx - removed!

Karen - Had coccygectomy after other treatments failed

Jody - Operation by inexperienced doctor

Mike Davison - Success with the surgery

Marina - Update - Broke my coccyx 3 months ago. I can't take the pain anymore!!

Jen - Update - Dislocated and fractured

Michelle - Update - Fell off Water Slide.....OUCH!!!!!!

Hope - Found "my fountain of youth" with coccyx removal

Jolene - Successful surgery in Manitoba, Canada

Jen - Please help - I can't take it any more!!

Lauren - Persistent pain - going in for surgery

Angie - Going in for surgery

Sharon - Broken T-Bone and surgery to come

Jayne Gerrard - Piriformis syndrome post surgery

Dina - Success with surgery 4 months ago

Ashley Loomis - Tailbone removal

Nicki B - Tailbone pain caused by rare tumor called chordoma

Yvonne - Tailbone had done a U-turn to point outwards

Kristy Chapman - Pain for 5 years, now going to have tailbone removed

Les - Update - Coccyx woes in Aviano, Italy

Trudy - My history of tailbone pain and surgery

Kristen Beinlich - Tailbone removed November 5th

Jen - Burning and numbing feeling after surgery

Karen - Coccyx removed, but pain was caused by Tarlov's cyst

Christy - Injections helped, but not enough, so now had surgery

Annette Haas - Update - Tailbone pains in Denmark ;(((

Nicole - I am terrified of having surgery......

Tandra - Dislocated coccyx removed

Ian Hobson - My surgery

Dan Kuykendall - Still waiting for relief

Gail - Coccyx removed 5 weeks ago

Ally - Just had my tailbone removed 19 August 2002

Heather - Update - Pain returned after training for duathlon - now had surgery

Glynda Wells - Should I try manipulation or go ahead with surgery?

Mary - Had surgery in 1997...still in pain....but holding on to hope....

Cathy - Update - Tailbone pain, doctors stumped

Kristi - Surgery provided some relief, but still have pain

Kathy Ovide - Had coccyx removed - great results!

Tamela - Had surgery - tailbone was barely attached

Mercedes de Miguel - A good night's sleep

Kate - Tailbone removed 17 years ago - worth it, but pain now getting bad again

Cathy - Strange complications/infections since surgery

Nana - Impending surgery

Dominique Bazin - Coccyx removed in Paris

Jim M - Coccydynia after laminectomy

Jeff - Coccyx surgery

Emily - Dana, we're in the same boat!

Marcel - Long term pain in coccyx, awaiting surgery

Mary - Coccygectomy solved one problem but created another

Dana - Rear-ending caused coccyx pain, had surgery

Bettina - Childbirth after coccygectomy

Charlotte A. Jagneaux - Searching for a treatment

Lisa - Surgery imminent

Vicky Harrison - Dislocated coccyx

Lesley Fulton - Surgery next option

Kelly - Mountain bike accident

Shellie Golden - Having surgery January 16

Kelly - Coccydynia diagnosed in June 2000

Anonymous - Vioxx has helped, but surgery is an option

Kim and Alan - Kim is facing surgery

Linda Terry - I'm ready to get rid of it!!!!!!!!!

Dan - Killing nerves

Michelle - Decided to jump right to the surgery

Misty - Mystery pain

Pamela - I had the op

Anonymous - Pain, pain, go away- don't come again another day!

Maria - I've had the op, now let's hope I've lost the pain

Lori - Just had surgery

Lorraine - Coccygectomy

Anonymous - I am losing all faith in everything

Stacie Pouh - Pain free at last

Beth - Tailbone removal

Jon Miles - Update - Cycling accident in 1993. Coccyx removed 1999

Debi - Success in Lexington, SC

Wendy - Headaches can also be attributed to coccyx - cured by removing coccyx

Jo - Burning sensation in the tail bone area

Nancy - Tried everything but still in pain

Joanne - Doctor said operation could cause loss of use of bowel and womb

Rory Greenwell - update - Severe pain for over two years. Now had coccyx removed.

Jennifer - Pain turned out to be caused by a pilonidal cyst

Anonymous - Had surgery, seven months pregnant and can't stand the pain

Diane Roberts - Coccygectomy saved my life!

Kim - Surgery success in Arlington, Texas

Anonymous- Surgery Update - eleven weeks post-op

Candy - Coccyx removed seven years ago - no pain now

Anonymous - Pain came back after thirty-five years

Adele D Meyer - Update - Coccyx removed after nine years of pain

Connie - Coccyx surgery - two days ago - Optimistic about success

Greg Thibeaux - Update - Eventually had coccyx removed

Penny H. Craig - Coccyx pain during and after childbirth

Mary-Anne - Post-Coccygectomy Success Story!!!!!!

Karen Ramaley - Surgery and after

Louise - Partial coccygectomy, but no relief

Mary Bisagno - Update - Pain started in pregnancy, had coccyx removed

Susan - Tail bone shaped like a V - now removed

Kathryn - ten days post-op and doing fine

Mrs Weber - Wheelchair comfort

Carolyn - Coccyx removed, best thing I've done in a long time.

Monsi Hodgson - Questions before surgery

Molly - My pain

Kate Allen - Failed coccygectomy

Debra Hopkins - Update - Had coccyx removed a month ago - feeling great.

Cynthia- Started after miscarriage. Seen eighteen doctors, finally had coccyx removed.

Geri - Mobile coccyx from birth. Removal of coccyx cured headaches.

Linsey - Had coccyx removed, had to wait two years to get partial relief of pain.

Sarah - Fractured both sacrum and coccyx. Removal of coccyx not effective.

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