Combination of physio and chiropractic treatment has been effective

Anonymous, UK

Posted 2020-03-01

I started experiencing awful pain in my coccyx after a severe fall in February of last year (2019). Before seeing Michael and his team at Sayer Clinics (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London) I had spent three to four months seeing another chiropractor whose diagnosis was a dislocation. After a few months of having my coccyx manipulated weekly, I was feeling some improvement but wanted to get a second opinion.

I therefore booked an appointment with Michael in which he took an x-ray of my coccyx which revealed that there had also been a fracture. Michael also explained that my coccyx was quite immobile and therefore when I sat down it did not tuck under, so essentially I was sitting on a spike. He explained that a woman of my age (30) should have on average 70 percent mobility in their coccyx - I had 10 percent. Also, in order to protect the coccyx my muscles had gone into spasm, so much so that my glutes were rock hard. Regarding the muscle tension, Michael said I was one of the worst patients he'd seen. The goal therefore was to both relax the muscles / ligaments / tendons and increase the mobility in my coccyx through both manipulation and physio.

For nine or so months I received weekly treatment with Michael, alongside weekly physio with Karolina, Marta or Ezra. When I first came to Sayer Clinics sitting was not an option. I had not sat down for longer than 10 minutes due to the pain and discomfort and also just out of sheer fear of irritating the muscles. I was mentally worn down and was beginning to feel like I would be plagued with this problem for the rest of my life. My whole life revolved around my coccyx. Standing became the new norm. I could not sit down on the train, at work, drive anywhere. I could not go out for a meal with friends, I had to eat standing at home, I could not go on holiday, the list goes on. All the limitations along with the pain and discomfort made it hard to remain positive.

Seeing Michael and the team weekly is a big commitment but worth all of the time spent travelling back and forth from the clinics. I can finally sit down (even without my cushion) for long periods of time. I managed an 8 hour flight (with my cushion), with only a slight dull ache an hour after the flight. In terms of recovery, I would say that most weeks I'm 100 percent fine. There are days that I can feel a little tension when I sit down, but very rarely. Without sounding too dramatic, Michael and the team have given me not only hope, but my life back. Michael was completely honest with me from the beginning and said that in my case it was not likely to be a quick fix. For some coccyx sufferers, complete relief can occur after a few sessions. In my case the muscle spasms have meant that my journey to full recovery has taken slightly longer.

I want to stress that the combination of both physio and chiropractic treatment in my case has been effective. It's important to understand how all the pelvic floor muscles are connected to the coccyx and how tension in this area results in pain. Through both internal and external massage along with breathing techniques, Marta has helped me to re-train my muscles so that they remain in a state of relaxation, rather than constant tension due to the trauma response.

On a side note, I know how coccyx pain can be not only physically but mentally debilitating; quite frankly last year was depressing. However, I cannot stress the importance of not only remaining positive, but also not letting the pain and frustration become all-encompassing. The mind is a powerful thing and it plays an important role in the healing process.

I can't thank the Sayer Clinic team enough for helping me through this hellish journey, but for also being so kind and compassionate along the way.

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