Slipped and fell on a wet rock

Anonymous, UK

Posted 2019-05-06

I slipped and fell down on a wet rock in the highlands, hit my coccyx very badly! My buttock was so bruised and too painful to sleep and walk properly for a couple of days, my return flight from Inverness to London was too agonising to keep sitting...

I was recommended Dr. Michael Durtnall (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London) by my friend who had a coccyx injury before, he fixed her coccyx with one session. I made an appointment with him as soon as I flew back to London.

I was really satisfied with the first consultation with him. He examined my back thoroughly included X-rays, his reading of my X-rays was so informative and impressive. I understood what has happened to my coccyx (it was bent in and a bit angled!) and could completely trust him before his hands-on treatment. The first session was quite painful as I still had a bruise on my coccyx and buttock but I woke up so much better the following day.

I visited him four times over the 8 weeks but I felt 90% better by the third visit. I could not believe how much I felt better immediately and could not thank him enough to make my life back to normal so fast!

I know I got recovered quickly as I visited him within a week after the injury but I strongly recommend people who have been suffered from post coccyx injury that Michael is the best practitioner to fix it!

Update, 2020-06-14

That happened over 18 months ago but the pain has not come back ever since.

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