Coccyx removed Feb 2012

Judith Smith -

Posted 2012-02-12

I have suffered from coccyx pain for 2 years after a fall. Funnily enough I fell forward and fractured sternum and ribs, but jolts seem to have travelled down spine. I'm not sure but that's the only accident I have had before sitting pain began. I have had MRIs, steroid injections and manipulations under general anasetic all to no avail.

I live in Essex UK and have access to private insurance so under advisement of consultant Mr Rabi Khazim from the Wellesley Hospital Southend on Sea (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, Essex). I booked in operation for last week (6 February 2012). I had a terrible time for the 72 hours afterwards but manly due to my blood pressure dropping to seriously low levels. I was diagnosed prediabetic so this explains worst of problems. However with blood pressure problems I was taken off morphine and have suffered excruciating pain.

After 4 days I was sent home to rest and agony continued. Paracetamol and ibruprophen don't touch this pain at all. I have spent days in tears, in agony and passing out, regretting this operation but after the 7th day when blood stabilised I am now allowed codeine and I am actually beginning to get pain relief. I have had wound redressed and Mr Khazim did wonderful job of gluing wound to minimise infection. I have hated this procedure but can now tell that my original pains and the sciatic like shooting pains have now all gone my problems are wound pains. I will update when feeling better.

Judith Smith

Update, 2012-03-04

Coming up to end of third week and pain reducing somewhat. Only now taking 2 codeine a day when the pain builds up too much. Wound is healed externally lovely. Cannot feel any scar tissue and is very smooth. Unable to sit without agony still and sometimes getting shooting pains down legs but hospital say its nerves reforming only. I had both dissolving and non-dissolving stitches inside and one stitch worked its way back out wound but was just itchy not sore. I have had chronic psoriasis form around backside so have kept wound ultra clean at all times and covered in Algea dressings bought from Amazon. Nurse says these helped would heal quickly.

Able to stand upright now instead of crouched. Getting better each day but still dread going to the loo as this feels like the wound is stretching inside. All in all life is still not back to anything like before but I know I'm now beginning to heal. I never thought I would get through the first few weeks. Don't know if anyone else mentions this but I have had bouts of depression also with occasional weeps when alone so not sure if this is a normal reaction to the shock to the system or due to my newly discovered pre diabetes.

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