Compound fracture of the coccyx

Boston Medical and Surgical Journal

1899 Volume 140, number 10, page 234.

Beach, H.

The next case is a rather interesting one of compound-comminuted fracture of the coccyx. The patient, a man, fell sixty-five feet and struck upon the end of the spine, producing that injury and no other. The bone was comminuted, and there was a small wound opening to the bone which was enlarged and all fragments removed. He made a complete recovery in a mouth.

In view of the neuralgia which is so apt to be associated with simple fractures, and is such a cause of invalidism in women and others who have had injuries of the kind, it is a question whether or not the complete excision of the bone soon after the injury is not a safer proceeding, though it may be more radical, than waiting for neuralgias to develop, and then to attempt cure by excision - an operation notably unsuccessful.

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