Coccyx pain

tailbone pain - coccydynia - coccygodynia

Coccyx pain or tailbone pain is often caused by falling backwards or by childbirth, though the cause of pain is unknown in about a third of cases. It makes it very painful to sit down. There are effective treatments available, and the great majority of sufferers can be cured. You're not alone, and you're not going mad!

This site is intended to provide information about coccyx pain, but you will have to go to a doctor (usually an orthopedic specialist) for advice on and treatment of your particular problems.

Use the links on the right to understand the causes of coccyx pain, the diagnosis and treatment. Most coccyx pain is caused by the coccyx dislocating when you sit. In such cases, manual treatments, if applied by an expert, may relieve the pain. Injections of cortisone help some people. If other treatments fail, removal of the coccyx may be effective in suitable cases. This is best carried out by an surgeon who has a record of experience and success with this operation.

You can read my own story of tailbone pain here. I am not a doctor - I am a retired physicist. My name is Jon Miles and I live in Oxfordshire, England. I developed coccydynia in 1993 following an accident, and created this website to provide sufferers and medical personnel with accurate information about this condition.

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